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Heavenly love pearl
Medium Nadia Brisset
Channeling & Self-Realization
"The Divine Energy and Universal Service of Humanity ..."
« Love is our real essence.

Love does not know borders, castes, religions, races or nationalities.

We all are Divine Pearls put on the same thread of Love. »
- Amma -

Welcome in my universe of Channeling.

« The Connections and Channels with the highest and brightest energies... »

Medium Channel, Light Channel and pure Energy ; i bring to you my various mediumnistic capacities to give you the keys of a better life path realization on Earth... I, escorted and advised by my Spiritual Guides, my Guardian-Angels and the Masters Assencionnés, shall pass on to you the answers during my « Connections » by Channeling. I also shall pass on to you the necessary Light to your evolution and your « internal healing » (linked to you growing awereness)

Receive these « Divine Whispers », like precious Fine Pearls, rare jewels, messages, teachings and energy harmonization which the Superior Plans allow me to gather in order to create your most beautiful fineries, your Soul fulfillment, your Realization …

Nadia Brisset channeling Let the Divine and universal Light be ! Nadia Brisset channeling ! Nadia Brisset channeling

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Nadia Brisset channeling From Mon. to Sat. 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM
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Coeur Violet "In my little "love beads ", the angels will ensure ..."